"The gardens we design are based on the classic principles of Landscape Architecture, but when we decorate a garden we tend to be more avant garde. We understand comfort, style, and how to incorporate each owners personality into the design. Some of our gardens are simple designs that include one special piece of art, others are those that include many elements to create a specific mood. We have created some terrific spaces! Our clients enjoy expanding their living spaces into the garden. There is nothing like being outside and feeling at home. " --Stephen T. Swafford, BLA
Indah Bulan Exterior Decoration....
+ Enhance an outdoor living room with accessories, furnishings, fabrics and lighting
+ Plan colors for your home
+ Actualize an outdoor dining room for dinner alfresco
+ Create a personal space for reading or writing
+ Add Comfortable, colorful, and stylish furniture for your space
+ Tables and furniture for living and entertaining outdoors
+ Accessories and Art, all things that relate to you and your personal style
+ Add rug(s), pillows, fabrics and blankets
+ Festive lighting and candle placement
+ Specialty Painting---a creative expression by Stephen
+ Exotic Plants concentrated in a special location for enjoyment
+ Decorate a space for flexible year round entertaining--Southern California only!
+ Garden staging for those who are selling their home
+ Create a one of a kind water feature
+ Blend forgotten objects into art recovered from one's own garage--we recycle!
Garden of Deborah Page and Kent Hughes, Claremont, CA - Indah Bulan Design and Installation (Use of Native Rocks/boulders/succulents/native grasss)
"Indah Bulan targets cool and bring it to you."--David Sheets
mini-movie of some of our projects
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